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Chemical Data

Chemical name: BK-2C-B
Systematic IUPAC Name: 2-amino-1-(4-bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenyl)ethan-1-one
ChemSpider Number: 9463799
Molecular Formula: c10h12brno3
Molecular Mass: 274.111 (Freebase) 310.572 (HCl salt)

BK-2C-B Pellets contain 100mg of BK-2C-B per pellet

***PLEASE NOTE: BK-2C-B is 100 EU legal..

If ordered individually, this product ships from the UK.


  • BK-2C-B

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What is Evoke?
Evoke is the official name given to a special blend of Research Chemicals, containing .

What is BK-2C-B used for?

BK-2C-B powder and 100mg pellets in stock now!!
BK-2C-B also known as 2-amino-1-(4-bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenyl)ethanone is the beta-ketone analogue of 2C-B, and we have lots of stock available to buy in powder or pellets!
2C-B itself has been out of reach for some time, but no license is needed for researching BK-2C-B at this time!
We also now stock the new BK-2C-B research pellets, containing 100mg of BK-2C-B per pellet..

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