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Chemical Data

Full Chemical Name: Camfetamine
Systematic IUPAC Name: N-methyl-2-phenylbicyclo[2.2.1]heptan-3-amine
CAS Number: 92499-19-9
ChemSpider Number: 26608747
Molecular Formula: C14H19N
Molecular Mass: 201.307 g/mol


  • Camfetamine


What is Camfetamine?
Camfetamine is a research chemical which is very closely related to Fencamfamine . Based on the chemical similarities to Fencamfamine, it is hypothesises that it would act as a potent appetite suppressant and stimulant. However due to it being the N-methyl homologue of Fencamfamine, it is only licenced for in vitro (outside living organism) studies. Camfetamine comes in Rock form and is a great chemical for appropriate research programmes, as its exact mechanism of action is still unknown.

What is Camfetamine used for?
Due to the similarity it shares with Fencamfamine it is appropriate to begin research based on the known action of Fencamfamine. This would be focused on the dopamine receptor as Fencamfamine Is believed to act as an agonist at this receptor. The mechanism of action was by inhibition of the re-uptake of dopamine, however, further in vitro studies have shown that Fencamfamine was more similar in action to Nomifensine. Based on this, researchers could apply Camfetamine to an appropriate membrane infused with dopamine receptors to measure the efficacy and affinity in vitro. Camfetamine like any novel research chemical may be used as a reference sample for GC/MS, NMR and FTIR analysis catalogues, as well as a primary reagent for chemistry experiments.

For more information on Camfetamine, please view the Wikipedia page by clicking here.

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